The Golden Gals starring Varla Jean Merman and Ryan Landry

June 5 - August 30

As The Examiner of New Orleans noted about the recent production of this spoof there, “for those that followed the TV misadventures of four elderly Miami women in the classic NBC sit-com there is a bit of deja vu in the air…The material has been honed into two acts complete with cutaway fake commercials and commercials for zany products that will probably never seen the light of day again.  While the action on stage mostly concerns men dressing and portraying women's roles, the fact is these actors are so good they make true believers of audience members.  The situations the characters of Dorothy (Ryan Landry), her mother Sophia (Connie Tavanis), their oversexed roommate Blanche (Varla Jean Merman), and their clueless cohabitant Rose (Brooklyn Shaffer) get into are predictable, but it is a gloriously funny exercise in well-crafted comedy.”